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Is a professional newborn photo shoot worth it?

If you're expecting a baby there can be a huge amount of expense, and usually you'll have a newborn photo shoot on your 'wanted' list. But if you've never had a baby before, you might wonder what all of the fuss is about. Camera phones are great quality these days, and you can find headbands and blankets on E-bay, right? If you're thinking 'are professional newborn photo shoots really worth it?' then this article will help you to decide!

awake newborn baby boy in knitted cream romper looking straight at camera laying on a cream blanket, photographed by specialised newborn photographer in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire

Newborn Babies

Firstly, the reason newborn portraits are so heart warming, is they are taken while your baby is tiny. Usually your newborn photographs are taken before baby is 3 weeks old. When your baby is brand new, they naturally fall into the curled up poses they would have taken up in your tummy. How amazing is that! Once your baby gets to 3 or 4 weeks old, they start to uncurl and also become more alert. This makes those dreamy sleepy poses a little more difficult to achieve. Having a professional on hand means you're guaranteed to get the beautiful poses that appear so fleetingly and are then gone forever. Here is an interesting article on how your newborn is so flexible when born

newborn girl holding a knitted bunny prop & dressed in a cream outfit, laying in a yellow heart.  Newborn photo taken by Cambridgeshire photographer.

New Mums

Being a new mum is one of the most exhilarating, special and amazing times in your life. It's also the most emotional and tiring! You might not feel your best when you're recovering from childbirth. Limited sleep and physical and emotional recovery takes a lot out of you! Using a professional for your newborn photo shoot means you can concentrate on you. I'm skilled in posing new mums in the most beautifully flattering portraits. These are the portraits you (and your baby) will cherish in the years to come.

Black & White Photo of Mother and Baby lovingly looking at each other, touching noses. Newborn Photography, taken by Peterborough Photographer

Newborn Photography Props

When you visit a professional photographer for your newborn photo shoot, you'll see that we have tons of props, headbands, blankets and backdrops. When I welcome new parents into my studio we spend a little time choosing preferred colours, wardrobe and props. This makes the session completely bespoke and as unique as your baby.

Black & White relaxed pose for newborn baby boy sleeping.  Photographed by Peterborough newborn photographer


Newborn photography is one of those things whereas parents, you tend not to realise how big a part safety plays in the session. However, whenever you have tiny people being handled, it's really important to consider health and safety. For example, in my studio I don't allow hot drinks in the shooting area. I also don't work at height from a ladder over your baby. Instead, I invest in the correct lens that allows me to get the shot. And most importantly I've invested in the best quality training courses, meaning I know how to work safely. I never leave your baby balanced or without a spotter for any of the poses I use. I'm regularly checking their temperature when wrapped as well as checking their extremities.

studio family portrait with newborn and two older brothers, taken by peterborough photographer


The main thing you're investing in when you choose a newborn photographer is their skills and experience. Personally, I have undertaken various training courses covering newborn safety and posing as well as how to light your portraits correctly. Using a photographer that understands how to light your baby correctly can make a huge difference to your final portraits. You will notice a significant difference between amateur and professional lighting in newborn portraits. The final set of skills you invest in when you choose a professional photographer is their editing ability. Think of Photoshop as the digital darkroom. It's where your portraits are developed and refined. I have honed my Photoshop skills over the past few years so that I can create perfect portraits that you'll fall in love with. You'll be so proud to have your baby's portraits hanging on your wall.

Newborn baby girl dressed in cream knitted romper, cuddling a knitted teddy and laying on a tiny newborn bed.  Captured by newborn photographer in March Cambridgeshire

So is a professional newborn photo shoot worth it?

You'll never have this time with your baby again. You'll take a million photos on your phone, maybe even with a better camera. But will they be 'wall worthy'? Will they capture all of those tiny delicate details? The wispy eyelashes and wrinkled toes? If there is a time in your life to hire a professional, it's for your newborn. Click HERE to find out more about my newborn sessions.

I'll leave the final word to some of my amazing clients who have visited me for their newborn photo shoots:

Langella Maria Hernandez "It was last year when I started looking for newborn photographers near our place and I came across several photographers, but when I saw Astra photography’s profile, I knew from that moment that I want her to capture Emilia’s first few days. I made the right decision to have her as she really took care of Emilia during the photo session, as well as me and Markel. She made sure that everything is safe for our baby, keeping the room warm, handled our little one with gentle care, and gave Emilia the time she needs to be nursed in between takes. I can speak highly enough of her."
Zoe Skinner "Honestly, can not express enough how amazing our photos turned out. Astra is absolutely outstanding in her craft & provides such care and attention to every detail. Furthermore, her patience with our new born Koah was incredible! Not to mention her trust in him when removing his nappy for part of the shoot.We can't wait to return for our sons cake smash photo shoot. From now on, whenever someone we know asks about children's photography, we know who to recommend. Again, thank you so much Astra. x"


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