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Newborn Session Preparation Guide

Thank you for choosing me as your newborn photographer. I look forward to working with you.

newborn girl photoshoot, baby is dressed in a lace cream outfit holding a bunny, laying in a heart bowl on a yellow background, taken by professional photographer in cambridgeshire,

Please read through this guide carefully, it will help the session to run more smoothly and help me create a successful session for you.

What to expect

Newborn sessions generally last up to 4 hours, please allow for this and do your best to arrive on time. The studio will be kept warm at 25-27 degrees to keep your little one warm during their session. Therefore, I recommend dressing in layers so that you can remove as needed to remain comfortable. I do provide bottled water but please do bring some snacks, to keep you going due to the length of the session.

When you arrive I will take your baby to start the session. I work at your babies pace, so their will be lots of cuddling time and feeding time, so that your baby is as settled as possible.

newborn portrait session prep guide, black and white images with newborn girl curled up in daddy's hands, taken by March newborn photography in cambridgeshire

Before you arrive

Keep your baby awake and alert as much as possible prior to their session time. I recommend play time, followed by a bath. Wash babies hair, clean newborn hair photographs best.

Dress your baby in a zip/button up sleeper. Something loose fitting is best this will avoid leaving lines on their skin and nothing that will need to be pulled over their head. This will allow the outfit to be removed easier and not to disturb your baby.

Give your baby an extra feeding before buckling him/her into the car seat. Allow your baby to fall asleep in the car on the way to the studio. When you arrive at the studio, please leave your baby in their car seat. I will be the one to unbuckle and remove him/her and we will go right to work.

first family portrait backlit with parents looking down at their beautiful baby girl, portrait taken by cambridgeshire newborn photographer in studio

What to bring

Please bring your little ones necessities, extra bottles (extra feeds) your baby will most likely feed more during the session than normal, grip water (if your baby is gassy) and a dummy to calm him/her during the session, which is important.

I do encourage a family portrait and recommend that your wear matching tops which are neutral, white or black, with no large logo's and watches to be removed. Also for the Mums, no chipped nail varnish, as this will show up on camera.

I provide props and outfits for the session, however if you would like to bring a matching outfit for the family portrait, you are welcome to do this (please make sure the outfit fits well and is not too big).

Where to find me

March Golf Club, Grange Road, March, PE15 0YH

Mobile Contact Number: 07889692359

My studio is the small detached on the left as you arrive in the car park, next to the clubhouse.


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