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Bonnie, Sitter Session. Baby Photography, March Cambridgeshire

I got to meet beautiful Bonnie for her Older Baby Photography, Sitter Session. At 6 months old, she was sitting up beautifully on her own and she had such amazing eye contact. We also managed to grab some super cute smiles too, which is not the easiest when wearing a mask during these times.

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Bonnie was booked in to have her newborn session but unfortunately it had to be cancelled as she was born during the Covid-19 lockdown. She certainly made up for it though, just look how pretty she is. A definite natural in front of the camera, little darling model in the making!

These sessions are best arranged for when baby is between 6-9 months old, sitting independently but not yet crawling. These sessions are kept simple and all about babies cuteness and gorgeous expressions. The outfits and props are provided by Astra Photography, March.

This type of baby portrait, looking straight into the camera has to be my favourite. It just simply shows off the natural beauty of babies at this age and all the squishiness.

And finally, couldn't have a picture without her big sister! A moment in time that they will look back on together in years to come, when Bonnie grows up. Beautiful sisters.

Bonnie, what an amazing little girl you are. It was so lovely to create lovely memories for you and your family.

Astra X

To book your Older Baby Sitter Photography Session, with Astra Photography, March Cambridgeshire, please email or click here to use the contact form.


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