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Ella, Newborn Photography Session, March, Cambridgeshire

Awwww Ella, is the most beautiful tiniest and youngest newborn I have had the pleasure of photographing in the studio so far! She came for her session at 6 days new and weighed 6 pounds exactly when born. So, so precious. She really has stolen my heart.

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She brought Mummy, Daddy and her gorgeous big brother Ronnie too. We started the session with taking a few pictures with Ronnie, he did amazingly well, being so young himself. You can just tell how great he will be with her when they get a little bit older.

Daddy and Ronnie then left and I was then able to swaddle Ella up and she was so relaxed. Swaddling newborns during a session really does help keep newborns calm and content. After all, they have just spent the beginning of their life curled up in mummy's tummy.

This black and white image is available during every full newborn session. Parents do love this image, as it is timeless and when you are feeling so so tired after getting used to a new routine, still manages to look amazing every single time. A great first family image all together to hang on the wall. Acrylic orbs are perfect for this kind of image and definitely create a wow factor. Please ask for more details.

If you are due to have a baby and have not booked a newborn session yet, please get in touch as soon as possible, so that we can guarantee a session for you. I only book a limited amount of newborns per month, to allow time for all the new arrivals.

If you would like pricing and more information on a newborn session, please click HERE

To book a newborn session, please click HERE

Looking forward to creating many more precious images for families

Astra X


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