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Lacie-Mae, Sitter Session. Baby Photography, March Cambridgeshire

Gorgeous Lacie-Mae came to the studio for her Older Baby Photography, Sitter Session and she was just so lovely!

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Lacie-Mae, 8 months new, when she came for her milestone Older Baby Sitter Session with Mummy and Daddy, to my studio in March, Cambridgeshire. The perfect age for this type of baby photography, is at 6-9 months old, when your baby has just started to sit up independently.

We started off her session with a set up and outfit provided by Astra Photography. I think you will agree, Lacie-Mae looks so beautiful.

Lacie-Mae, nailed sitting beautifully at the beginning of her session, so that we could take some lovely portraits of her. We then tried to have some tummy time pictures and she was so fast at getting up to crawl mode. She really was a super fast crawler for sure! Patience was the key, into creating these gorgeous pictures of her.

I always allow enough time for babies to feel as comfortable as possible, in the new surroundings. A feed and cuddle break, is an essential part of all my sessions.

Mummy also brought some of her favourite outfits for Lacie-Mae to wear during her session, which I also encourage, as after all it's all about remembering how adorable your little one is at this age, which passes with a blink of an eye!

Lacie-Mae, what an amazing little girl you are. It was so lovely to create lovely memories for you and your family.

Astra X

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