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The benefits of photographing an older baby

So you have welcomed your new bundle of joy to the world, a few months have passed and your little one's personality is now emerging.

I believe a professional portrait session is an important way to record these stages in your babies development. Time really does fly, so let Astra Photography capture this precious time in their lives.

The next milestone session after the newborn stage is at 3 months old. When your baby reaches the 3 month milestone, your baby will most likely be social smiling, giving you those cute giggles, can usually hold their heads up and do mini push ups.

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Your baby has changed and achieved so much already, just in those short few months. Older baby portrait sessions are a must, as they are generally more engaging and animated. It's so lovely to capture eye contact and their new found facial expressions, which you just want to bottle up and cherish forever!

Following after the 3 month milestone, is when your baby is around 6 to 9 months old. This is probably one of my favourite ages to photograph. At this age your little one will generally be sitting up unaided or beginning to start to crawl. Bringing opportunities to capture more of your babies achievements and a variety of different styles of your little one but essentially focusing on your little one's personality.

If you have missed out on a newborn session or would like to document each of your babies milestones then these sessions are a must for you. The first year of their life, really does whizz by way too quickly!

If you would like to book your little one in for an Older Baby Photography Session or ask for more information, then please get in touch here!

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